It’s Okay to Fall Down…

It's Okay to Fall Down

  After you are born, life seems to be going on.   How is it going on for you?   I hope it is all good and great?   Well on the surface, it always seems like everything is good and great and awesome and fantastic. But deep inside sometimes it feels like shit.   … Read more

You Are NOT Your Thoughts

You are not your thoughts

You have a lot of thoughts in your head. Some of them feel good. Some of them feel bad. But you sure do know you have various thoughts in your head all along the day. And even more of them at night. All of this gets even more confusing when you reach the point where … Read more

5 Webinar Strategies – How to Keep your Audience Hooked Till the End

5 Webinar Strategies - to Keep Audience Hooked

Have you started conducting webinars recently?Or are you someone who is planning on getting started soon?​Well, if you are, then I have a list of techniques you can implement to ensure that when you conduct your Webinars, your Audience stays hooked.​Would you like to know these tricks? Then stay hooked until the end 😛​Come! Let’s … Read more

Are you Confused – What is the Difference between a Webinar & a Meeting?

What is the Difference between a Webinar and a Meeting

Once upon a time, B.C. meant “before Christ”. And now is the time when B.C. means “before Corona.”​Isn’t it?​Life has changed so drastically that so many things, lives, and people are no longer the same.​And one of the most common changes you and I both would have seen is how technology has been welcomed with … Read more

Your Webinar Tool Kit

What all do you need to Conduct a Webinar

Here is a list of equipment that you need to conduct a Webinar. You don’t need to go for the Paid Options if you are just starting out. (Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links. However, these will not cost you anything extra. That is my guarantee.) Webinar Platform Various platforms are available to … Read more

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