The Hidden Power of Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar!!

Every Digital Marketer comes across this in the beginning of their Digital Marketing Journey.

Did you too? 😛

And it does not come in one name. It is also known as Customer Persona, User Persona and many such names!

In the early days of my Digital Marketing Journey, I OVERLOOKED this important topic.

And I don’t want you to! Please, don’t! Just don’t!

It is extremely important that you decide who your ideal customer avatar is, not just when you blog, not just when you post on social media – but at each and every stage.

In fact, even before you measure your product fit.

Irrespective of whether you currently have something to sell or not, you still need to understand this!

I have created a video for you, through which you can find the answers to the following questions related to Customer Avatar:

Go ahead and watch this 3 minute video.

If you takeaway even one point from it, you will see that the same efforts that you put online but just keeping these points in mind, will give you 5x better results in terms of the response you receive.

I hope you have noted down your key takeaways from this video on Customer Avatar.

If not, you can quickly comment your one takeaway, which you will apply in the Comments below. 🙂


Kamna Jain

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Power of Customer Avatar”

  1. Hi Kamna, Yes! this video was definitely helpful. My key takeaway is – You need to define your Audience before you start creating content. Once you know WHO your audience is, it becomes easy to chart out WHAT you need to create.


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