Get the Best Noise Cancellation without a Mic: Use Krisp (for Free)

Have you felt that since the day the world got affected by Coronavirus, there is one thing that has increased more than anything else.

What do you think that is?

No no, I am not talking about the increased awareness of (finally) washing our hands before we eat 😛

I am talking about the rise is the number of Videos different creators are making, the number of Webinars that are being conducted and the number of Video Calls you, me and everyone else has been attending!

Amdist all this, of course you need a setup to create Videos, conduct Webinars and to peacefully attend Video Calls.

Now, if you choose to get a Mic, it will easily cost you at least Rs. 1,000 to get a decent mic, and still have Background Noise.

And if you want a Mic that really reduces background noise, I have seen the Blue Yeti work like Magic. But again, it costs Rs. 12,000.

What if I told you I have a solution for you? And it is absolutely free. 😀

Yes, no hidden costs 🙂

Just a small secret which I will reveal on how you can save Rs. 12,000 and yet effectively reduce the background noise anytime YOU record a Video or attend a Video Call.

And it is very simple!

The solution is – KRISP!

Since the time I have started using it, I have fallen in love with this tool!

How can you use Krisp?

It is very simple!

You can use it as a Chrome Extension as well as download it on your system.

I recommend that you definitely download and use it.

While you use it, you can either go for:

  • Free Account – You will only get 120 minutes of Noise Reduction per Week
  • Pro Account – You will unlimited minutes of Noise Reduction

Pretty cool, right?

Now, if you want the Pro Version without paying for it, you can sign up for Krisp via my referral link.

Click here to install Krisp

Now now, please understand you can directly sign up from the Website of Krisp. But that way you will only get the Free Version.

To get an extended period of Krisp Pro, I recommend you to join via a referral link – either mine or someone else’s, that’s absolutely fine. 🙂

In the Video below I have explained all the above steps and much more information.

Watch it now to get an understanding of how to use Krisp 🙂

How to use Krisp – a Noise Reduction Tool

Once you sign up for Krisp, go ahead and share your referral link with others and keep getting an extended period of Krisp Pro. (offer valid until this offer lasts from their end :P)

I hope you find this Tool helpful!

Personally, I have had and continue to have a great experience with Krisp. And that is the only reason I am recommending it to you.

You can try it for yourself.

When you do try it, please comment below, whether you felt a difference or not!

Would love to hear from you if you also really felt the difference or am I over-hyping it. Haha 😛

See you again in the comments below!


Kamna Jain

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