5 Webinar Strategies – How to Keep your Audience Hooked Till the End

Have you started conducting webinars recently?
Or are you someone who is planning on getting started soon?

Well, if you are, then I have a list of techniques you can implement to ensure that when you conduct your Webinars, your Audience stays hooked.

Would you like to know these tricks? Then stay hooked until the end 😛

Come! Let’s find out, how you can Level Up your Webinar Game!

  1. Smile & Look at the Camera
    Do you remember that teacher from college who would speak very seriously all the time? And moreover, he or she would just read from the Text Book or the Presentation.


    And I am sure, you had a hard time listening to them, didn’t you?

    Well, and you definitely DON’T want to sound like them. Isn’t it?

    Yeah, that’s one too many questions up there. 😛

    Anyway, so, you don’t want to sound boring to your Audience. You want to ensure that they LIKE to listen to you as you speak.

    What often happens when you speak in a Webinar is that you are often worried about what will come next, what is going on in the chatbox and your own content.

    But, as you do all of the above-mentioned activities, you also need to ensure that you Look at the Camera.

    Because, when you look at the Camera, that is when the Audience feels that you are looking at them.

    And to add to that, it is equally important that you add a smile whenever possible.

    The benefits of smiling (apart from increasing your blood circulation) are that you come across as a cordial person, which increases your likeability and this allows your audience to stay in touch with you for longer.

    And when you look at the camera, it comes across as if you are directly talking to them.

    Otherwise – imagine, if you just smile and to them, it looks like you are looking down – imagine how creepy that will look?

    So, the next time you are not looking at the camera and smiling, remind yourself of that tip, look at the camera, and smile a little more.

    That’s all for the first point. 🙂
  1. Hit the Common Spots
    Do you remember that one Important Person in your life – with who you started as a stranger – but now know really well?

    And when the conversation started – you guys started with talking about something common you bonded over. Be it food, common school or college, your favorite actor, cities you both have visited, common hobbies, interests or anything – THAT WAS COMMON.

    Between you and that person.

    Do you remember?

    How did it feel?

    Yes, definitely things can go anywhere from where they start.

    But at least this helps in giving a start!

    In the same way, when you are on a Webinar and are talking to different people, include some common experience.

    You can try to create a common link based on various factors.

    In the beginning, you can talk about the city people are from. Now when they see other people from similar cities, it gives them a sense of belonging.

    Apart from that as you move forward in the Webinar, you can include common life experiences as references as well.

    They can be related to experiences about school life, common emotions people feel as well.

    The idea is that when people know they are not alone and there are other like-minded people, it makes them more comfortable.

    Now when they attend a similar Webinar with someone else but considering the fact that they felt a closer and stronger connection with you, they will be more likely to choose you.

    We as human beings, automatically bond better when we think we are not alone and there is someone who is similar to us.

    It makes us feel comforted.

    And this comfort creates a stronger likelihood for us.

    Hence, increasing the chances of the attendees of the Webinar, associating more with us.
  1. Voice Modulation
    Yes yes! I know you will be like, “Kamna, isn’t this obvious?”

    And yes, it is!

    But who said the strategies to doing something well always need to be complicated?

    Not necessary na?

    Sometimes, we just need little reminders to pay attention to the most obvious things.

    This Tip is one of them!

    But, let me also tell you why this is important for you.

    As a matter of fact, you and I both know that Voice Modulation needs to be there on our Webinars.

    But, when we are on a Webinar, even though we are interacting with a set of people, technically we are speaking into our laptops, right?

    And though we can assess people’s responses via the messages in the chat box, but the problem is, we do not get to see people’s expressions.

    Why is that a bad thing? Because when you are speaking directly to a crowd of people – as you speak you can see their reactions and gauge how interested they are.

    As already discussed, the equivalent of the crowd reaction on a Webinar is the number and quality of responses you get on a Webinar on the Chat Box.

    However, if you dive deeper and think about this for a while, you will realise that first of all, if things aren’t going well, the response you get would anyway be dropping.

    This in itself can get a little discouraging.

    And you will often forget to remind yourself to add some energy in the room.

    Obviously, if the quality of the content is not up to the mark, no amount of voice modulation can help you in that case.

    But considering your content is what the audience wants – and you are in the position of that boring lecturer in college who had a lot of knowledge but could never deliver it well, Voice Modulation can be your saviour.

    What you have to do is, that when you are in a place, where though you are talking to people but technically to a laptop – be your own hero.

    And just remember – Include Voice Modulation.

    Keep reminding this to yourself. Keep listening to yourself. And then see how you constantly are able to keep the energy high – for yourself and for your audience.

  1. Create Anticipation, Suspense & Excitement
    When you are on a Webinar, and attempt to keep your audience hooked to you, it is important that along with modulation in your voice, there is some kind of fluctuation in your content too.

    If you just talk about yourself, or your products, or only include facts, your audience will get bored.

    Just one thing is not going to be enough.

    Hence, whilst keeping your content relevant to your topic, you need to ensure there is some variation.

    One of the most important ways in which you can include some variety is by adding elements of suspense.

    For example, “Maria was wearing a Red Dress.”
    “Do you know what Maria was wearing?”

    When you are in a conversation, and instead of revealing what you have in mind, if you first ask the other person, and intrigue them, they will be more likely to listen to you.

    And even participate in what you say.

    So, the idea is that instead of just saying things in a sentence, adding some variety – wherein you ask your audience some questions, you make them think, you give them options, ask them to guess – these elements will push your audience to pay more attention.

    Remember when you were in school and you would pay more attention in the class where you knew that your teacher would ask some questions?

    A similar activity is at play here.

    Of course, there is no punishment on your Webinar for your audience not answering, unless you are conducting a class and scoring people. But still, the idea of including questions, creating suspense instead of just plainly making statements, keeps your audience engrossed.

    So go ahead and find your balance between the right amount of questions and information.
  1. Include Stories & Experiences

    In the previous section, we discussed how monotony makes the Webinar Experience boring.

    Talking further, I would also like to tell you about the Power of Stories on a Webinar.

    Before you do this on a Webinar, you can also experiment with it in your Personal Life.

    When you talk to your friend, instead of narrating what happened in a sequence of events, narrate it in the form of a story.

    As you narrate it in the form of a story, your attendees are able to visualize what you are saying. And when they visualize it, it is much easier to remember and relate.

    This happens because of the Power of Storytelling.

    Stories also allow emotions to be expressed. When they are expressed, the feeling of being connected is also felt in a much deeper way. They feel much closer to you. Sometimes, they are also able to live through the experience and feel the emotions if you express them vividly.

    When you follow this approach on a Webinar, wherein you include your Personal Stories and Experiences, in a way that you can get your Audience interested, you have higher chances of retaining them till the end.

    Some of the elements that are needed in these Stories and Experiences are:
    • Authenticity – You definitely need to ensure that not just your story is true. But you are also able to let your audience know that it is true. And that they are able to believe you.
    • Trigger Emotions – It is crucial that you add some Emotional bit to it. They can be anything that you have felt or gone through. And it is not difficult. All you have to do is, to be honest about what you felt.
    • Enable Visualization – As you speak, you should be speaking in such a manner that when your Audience listens to you, they are able to not just listen but even visualize and see the entire story, as if they were standing there and witnessing it.

The next time you are on a Webinar, try to incorporate the Power of Personal Stories & Experiences when compared to raw information and facts – you will see that people are more attracted to you when you open up and share these pieces of information with them.

I hope you liked these 5 Strategies.

Go ahead and include them in your Webinars one by one. If you try to include all of them together, it might become ineffective.

Hence, you can just choose one at a time and start noticing the difference. 🙂

Let me know in the comments below – which Strategy are you going to use first?

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