The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing

If you think Facebook and LinkedIn have all the fun, think again! As 465 million users could not help but satisfy their interest with Pinterest. Are you using Pinterest to find inspiration for your next marriage party or business? If you are doing something other than the latter, you need to take action, as after reading this blog, Pinterest will drive the most traffic to your website. 


Pinterest allows all types of businesses to market themselves according to their limitations and scope. It is time to consider Pinterest more than a social bookmarking tool and offer your product to those 87% of people who search on Pinterest to find their desired products. 


Pinterest is more accessible to master than any other social media, But if you do not know how to make the most out of Pinterest, you are missing out on a lot. In this blog, I will help you know how Pinterest works and how to make the most of it. 


What is Pinterest Marketing 


Pinterest Marketing drives traffic to your website and connects with your audience by building a solid online presence and awareness of people by posting branded visual content. 


As most people come to Pinterest for inspiration, It is a great way to reach a massive no of people and make money. According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the 14th social media platform with a 459 million active user base; 459 Million people mean 459 opportunities. Its advertisement reach is also impressive. 


Why to focus on Pinterest over Facebook and Linkedin 


LinkedIn is the platform where most B2B deals happen, and Facebook is irreplaceable; it is the biggest hub of business worldwide. Pinterest is different with respect to them and has its own potential to achieve. According to the survey, 80% of people find at least one new product on Pinterest every week. A new product means a new brand; it helps to make people aware of the brand and drive traffic to that website. 


Pinterest has been working to make the experience better till the time of launch in 2010; they have bought the Idea pin and optimized unique pin types that can be used to promote products and articles. 


As the platform claims, 78% of users feel positive every week after interacting with the pins. Pinterest is fruitful mainly for apparel brands but still has the potential to drive the most traffic concerning any other platform; all you need is to create some unique and attractive pins and be consistent with them. 


How to use Pinterest for marketing 


Now, let us drive to the core of this blog; we will learn how to use it and make the most out of your business. 


Create a strategy 


If you want to grow on any platform, you only need a solid strategy. You should start with a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) plan. Then, you need to focus on the demographics and the audience; according to Pinterest, 45% of the new sign-up is female. 


The most searched topics are Food and drinks, Crafts, Home Decor, and Women’s Fashion. 80% of the audience uses it from mobile, so plan accordingly. 


You need to know who your audience is and what you want to offer them instead of playing some random games. Be transparent with your offer and audience. Now, all you need to do is to create good graphics and have solid social media planning or content calendar. 


Make a business profile


The second step is to build your mark on the platform by creating a business profile. So you can play with the analytics and ads.  


It is a way of recognizing the profile as your brand profile. 


Pin engaging and captivating content 


Pinterest is a visual platform, and you need to understand that the more beautiful it is, the more people will come and interact with your content. 


How do you make a captivating pin? 


Let us start with the Profile photo. 


You need to upload your business logo and make it super clean and visible to all devices. You need to keep it at 165*165 pixels. 


Now cover, 


Your cover is the best place to keep people within your feed and explain your business and target audience with the perfect graphics. You can check Ikea and Free People for inspiration. 


Now, let us focus on what makes a pin captivating. 


As I have already said, most people use Pinterest on mobile, so try to maintain a 2:3 ratio for photos and not let your image be cropped. 


Do not compromise the quality of the video or photo. 


Good description matters as most audiences might need to learn what you offer. Bring some context and provoke people to click on the link. 


  • Try to use a headline that defines your pin and the message. 


  • Stay consistent with the brand colour. Stay consistent with your theme. 


  • Stay consistent with your pinning, too; consistency is the ultimate way of getting things done. 



Stay updated with the trend. 


It is not a tiny quantity of good advice to create content according to the trend, but you need to stay updated and push content accordingly besides your regular theme and types. 


Plan your board 


Though I could keep this point under strategy, I still want you to focus on the point more intensely. 97% of pinboards are unbranded. It is your golden opportunity to stand out in the crowd; the better board it is, the better interest you will receive. Did you ever try Oreo’s Pinterest board? 


Engage with the community. 


It is in the 101 of any social media. You need to make people aware of your existence instead; how can you expect people to know you? You need to interact with the community; that is how others will engage with you, too. Keep commenting and encouraging your audience. Create boards and collaborate with other creators. 


Play with SEO 


Pinterest is a search engine, so ensure your content reaches more people. Design rich pins and do keyword research to find the most search terms with your industry and niche. You can give the Pinterest trend page a try. 


Search on Pinterest and observe the pattern and what is coming as the related searches. Focus on your profile, board, and pins. 




Pinterest is something that can have the potential to change your marketing game forever; the only task you need to perform is to be open to ideas and apply them every time. You can craft your marketing game around Facebook and Linkedin, but why do you miss it when you have a platform that can give you the most outcome with less input? It is always possible to start playing with Pinterest. You have an untapped audience waiting for you to share your unique ideas with them and unlock the opportunity. 


Let me know your plans to start Pinterest Marketing in the comments below. 

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